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Title: The Wife of Finwë
Author: Andrannath Mírdaneg (
Pairing: Indis/Míriel
Rating: PG13
Beta: Elisabeth Larsen
Disclaimer: Not in a million years would these pretty ladies belong to me! They belong to Tolkien and each other! *wink wink*
Summary: This is my Christmas gift to Enismirdal, the most inspiring yellow dragon from this side of Ural Mountains! :D I asked her to give me a “challenge” and these were her words: "I don't suppose I could talk you into writing fem? I was thinking Indis/Míriel (!) No higher than an R rating; G/PG/PG-13 would be fine too. Genre - any you like. Romance, angst, tragedy... Summary - "The first wife of Finwë returns, for a single night..." "
Or something like that. Was thinking less than 500 words, just a short little 'what if?' type scenario.
Well, baby… here it is! :)
Word number: 1880


A beautiful maiden entered the lands of Lórien. She could not decipher the paths that lead her to the place she placed her foot upon for the first time in her life, but she agreed it was the doing of those who had the powers to control her fate. Thus, she did not oppose. She continued the beautiful road, as the hummingbirds sang in her greeting. Her long fingers held the light white silk of her dress for it could not get dirty. Not on this day. Her eyes observed the scenery around her, as her mind tried to remember how exactly she found herself in a place where no spirit comes while still in a body. Her golden hair flickered under the light, but she could not understand where it came from.

Her feet carried her as though they had a will of their own, while she could only observe the fast changing of the scenery around her. The colours were divine, as well as the softness of the grass under her. The stars were bright, even though it seemed too light for them to be visible. Everything was magical in this world of dreams, but no Elf could ever remark it with proper humbleness, for the dreams often changed the perfection of this place. Her thoughts were too clear, even for the state of full awareness. But everything stopped the moment she found herself in the valley of violet and white flowers, with grass as white as though the very fabric of her dress was made of it.

She looked around, not understanding how the magnificent trees that surrounded her only moments ago disappeared from her sight completely. Everything was changed here. Everything was different; even the stars were not visible anymore. The grass was not as green and the birds did not sing as clear. Everything was like in a lullaby. For a moment she thought that she saw maidens as white as the marble clad in silver silk dance around her, but she decided not to believe her eyes anymore.

She turned around herself many times, wanting to yell for anyone, but she was not certain if her throat would listen. Besides, this place seemed as though it was not used to noise. It was too quiet and still. It seemed as though pure bliss and peace were born right here. The air that she was breathing was the sweetest odour of candles used to tuck the youngest ones to sleep, or make the lovers relax in each other’s embrace. This place was perfect and, even though in the back of her mind she knew she had other things to do, she did not wish to disturb it.

“Do not worry, my beauty.” A wonderful voice next to her brought her back to the reality, although she feared that this was not real at all. “Do not worry.”

She heard the voice, but she did not know where it came from. In the back of her eye, she spotted a bed in the distance. It took her less than a moment to run to it as fast as she could. Once more, the maidens that were so clearly standing by it, disappeared. She reached it to realize that her worst nightmares came true. She was looking at the death bed of Míriel Serende, wife of Finwë, the one she loved above all else.

“Why do you fear me, Indis Laurifinda?” Once more, she heard the same voice speak, but the lips of the beautiful corpse did not move. Instead, the mirror image of the one in the bed appeared next to her. Míriel moved her long hand to touch her cheek.

At last, Indis had a good look onto someone she thought she hated and envied for all these years. Her hair was dark and her eyes were swift. She was not tall, and she did not seem as though she belonged to the Elves. She was far from fair, but her wisdom was known far and beyond. The wise eyes observed her as the soft cold hand touched her cheek, causing the skin to tingle.

“I do not fear you, herinya,” Indis said defiantly, although her shaking voice betrayed her.

“You shall marry him today,” Míriel spoke the words so peacefully, as though she was saying but an order to a servant or a smith. “Shall you not?” Her eyes opened wide.

Indis nodded, closing her eyes. She could not stand the piercing gaze. She could feel the power of it, thus she did not wish to look at it as well.

Míriel laughed and that forced Indis to stare at her with surprise once more. “Like I said, I have not invited you here to hurt you. That is something none of my line would ever do.” Míriel sighed. “I hope.”

“What do you mean, heri?” Indis bowed her head slightly; she had to try and appear lesser than the lady before her.

Míriel moved her fingers through the petals surrounding her body and she moved away from her companion. “I have asked for you to warn you.”

“About what?” Indis thoughtlessly interrupted her.

Once again, Míriel smiled. “About many things.” She paused, her hands still playing with the petals. “If you are willing to listen.”

Indis nodded and relaxed her body by the bed next to her. She forgot whose it was completely, astounded by the remarkable person next to her.

Míriel moved few steps away from her. She seemed so weak and troubled. Indis always thought that those who escaped to the Halls regained their strength. And yet, the woman next to her seemed so drained. “Many things trouble me,” Míriel spoke at last. “Things of the past as well as those of the future.”

Indis nodded slightly, not wishing to disturb her.

“My son. I fear for him. I wanted to remain by him, but his spirit is of fire.” She chuckled. “He was a strong fighter and he took all the power from me. All that was once mine, I gave him to the fullest willingly.”

“Curufinwë is strong and passionate, indeed, heri,” Indis observed. “Your choice of a name was proper.” She smiled as well.

“Your words are true.” Míriel sighed. “But I fear for him nonetheless. I do not know how well he might accept you. It is against his nature; it is against the nature of any of us. I have made many wrong decisions.”

“Heri, do not speak thus,” Indis interrupted her again.

Míriel smiled and raised her hand to quiet Indis. “Let me tell you what you need to know.”

Indis nodded. She bit her lower lip in hope that she would not do the same mistake again. Míriel was indeed of a swift tongue and sharp mind. It was a skill she lacked.

“Take care of my son, I beg you. Take care of him more than of your own.” Indis looked at her with surprise. “I do not ask this of you as someone who cares about her child, but as someone who cares about her people.”

“I shall, heri,” Indis calmly responded. “You have my word.”

“Good.” Míriel’s words were strong. “I am glad.” She sighed, moving closer to Indis.

“Finwë.” Indis inhaled sharply the moment Míriel spoke that name. Míriel did not say a word, but she simply moved closer to Indis and stopped straight in front of her legs. There, at the utter surprise of Indis, who started to shake, Míriel kneeled down and bowed her head. “Herinya.”

Without thinking, Indis placed her right palm on top of Míriel’s head. It took her a moment to realize what she has done, but Míriel took the gesture as an approval before that happened. She looked up to meet Indis’ eyes, a ghost of a smile playing on her lips.

“You have to know one thing, heri,” Míriel spoke the words as sweet as the lullaby, the slight smile not leaving her lips. Indis simply looked at her in surprise, lowering her head slightly, thinking that maybe Míriel would whisper the words that seemed to be so important to her. “He was my husband.”

Indis wanted to back away in shock, but the tight grip Míriel’s seemingly weak hands held her in, stopped her in that. She had to remain seated on Míriel’s death bed, while the very woman spoke to her.

“He will always be that.”

Indis closed her eyes in shock and resignation. This was far from something she needed on her wedding day. One moment passed in which she thought about releasing the tears that choked her heart, but she could not embarrass herself in that way. Not in front of… her.

But then something happened that she never would have expected. She felt a soft touch on her lips. The surprising sensation forced her to open her eyes at once. She then realized that the touch was none other than a soft kiss from a woman kneeling before her. The kiss was chaste and sweet and for a moment Indis feared that she would ask for more. But this was not the way of her people.

After a moment, Míriel backed away, the smile still not leaving her lips. “And from this day on, you are my wife as well, Indis Laurifinda.” Míriel said not a word afterwards, but closed her eyes and moved her head towards the one of Indis once more. This time, Indis did not hesitate. She joined their lips and parted her teeth to welcome the sweet but cold tongue. Then she realized the meaning of her words.

Soon, a cold hand moved up Indis’ thigh. It seemed as though it tried to get under the thin silk, but it did not rush. The touch was slow and beautiful, but it was very cold as well. The other hand rested on her waist and massaged it gently. Indis did not know where to place her own hands, so she simply rested them on Míriel’s shoulders.

The kiss deepened and became more passionate, but then Míriel backed away quickly, before she would pass the limit in which she could not control herself to the fullest. “The future brings pain and sorrow,” she said. “Not even one half of the ages shall pass.”

“What do you speak of, heri?” Indis asked.

Míriel looked at her with sorrow in her eyes, her head cocked to one side slightly. “Can I ask you one promise, melissë?” she asked.

Indis nodded like an obedient child. She was in a place in which she could not deny Míriel anything.

“Join us when the time comes.”

Indis looked at Míriel with confusion and surprise in her eyes. “What do you mean?”

“When the time comes,” Míriel simply said.

Indis wanted to know more, but everything around her blurred. The image of the woman in her arms disappeared as well as the sweet scent of the air. The birds and the maidens stopped their sweet calming songs. Everything changed and the soft light turned to darkness.

Indis opened her eyes to another morning. Only this one was special. She smiled. This was the day when Finwë, the one she loved for all these ages, would take her as his wife at last.

Quenya translations:

Serende – Needlewoman
Laurifinda – Golden haired
Herinya – My lady
Heri – Lady
Melissë – Lover (female)