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Title: The Seventh Skip
Author: Enismirdal
Pairing: Eluréd/Elurín (NOT chan)
Rating: NC17
Summary: Side-story to All I Have Left. The twins discover a new part of Doriath. Yeah, it's meant to fit with AIHL, but no real spoilers in here.
Warnings: A fluffy almost-PWP. Oh yeah, with twincest.
Disclaimer: As always, the gorgeous boys are the exclusive property of Professor Tolkien. Oh, how I envy him. No insult intended and no profit made.

Not beta read; all mistakes entirely my fault.

A/N: Birthday present for Anu, hammered out extremely quickly since I only discovered late on the 1st that he'd be around to see it! :p Plotbunny came to me at Loch Ness. Have a great day, my darling! *smooch*
A/N 2: They will always be twins to me, whatever some of the Histories may say.

"Admit it, Eluréd, we're lost."

Eluréd stubbornly shook his head, adjusting the longbow he carried across his back. "I've been here before. I know exactly where we're going."

"Then why did you just make us backtrack for a quarter of a mile?"

Eluréd looked affronted at his brother's accusation, but hesitated only for a moment. "I saw that the path was blocked further down, by the stream. I'm working out an alternative route."

"Why don't we just go back the same way we came out here?" Elurín persisted, trying to use all of his extra inch of height to look as authoritative as possible. "All right, it was a little circuitous, but at least we knew the route, and the path wasn't too bad."

"This way is shorter." Eluréd lapsed into silence and continued as before.


"This way is *not* shorter," Elurín stated, an hour later.

"We're nearly there!" Eluréd insisted, not stopping. Elurín trotted up beside his brother, tugging at the elder twin's sleeve. Eluréd did not slow down, but looked across at his brother. "I'm sure, really."

Elurín nodded uncertainly. "If you say so." Uncomplaining, he followed his brother through dense undergrowth that led down a steep slope. Seeing the crumbly surface, he stayed close to Eluréd in case his brother stumbled on the way down. It proved to be a sensible plan; further down, the elder twin tripped in some loose earth. Elurín's hand on his belt was enough to right him.

Eluréd pretended that nothing had happened and continued, pushing through a thick screen of trees. Elurín followed and, as he emerged, stopped dead. "Brother, you cannot deny that we took the wrong route now."

"Um…mrf…" Eluréd seemed at loss for an explanation, and quite rightly. He may have been able to keep up the pretence so far, but they both knew full well that no large *lake* lay anywhere between where they had set off from and where they were meant to end up.

Elurín sat down on a rock, deciding that on this occasion, gloating might not be a wise course of action. His brother glowered at the broad stretch of water as if it would somehow disappear in response to his gaze, leaving them back on course for home.

Unfortunately, the lake did not feel so co-operative and remained where it was, calmly mirroring the sky and its delicate, feathery clouds. Elurín watched it, fascinated by the smoothness of the surface, and idly picked up a pebble. Raising his arm, he threw it straight at the centre of the lake; it did not travel the full distance, but hit the water with a satisfying 'plop' nonetheless.

"You don't want to do it like that," Eluréd said coolly. "The technique is all wrong. Watch."

He crouched on the stony shore of the lake, scanning the stretch of pebbles until he espied several that were small, light and flattish. "You have to start low," he explained, bracing his feet between two small rocks on the water's edge. Intrigued, Elurín copied. His brother placed one of the stones in his palm. "Hold it gently in the crook of your first finger. No, like this…" Rough hands brushed against his, showing him exactly how to cradle the little stone. Elurín shifted to a more comfortable position, looking out across the water. "Now," said Eluréd, "watch and learn."

He flicked his wrist neatly, economically, sending the pebble flying smoothly over the still water. It hit the surface and bounced…and again! Five times, it glanced off the water's surface before it finally sank.

Elurín attempted to imitate the movement, but the pebble merely plopped again. Eluréd shook his head. "Don't throw it upwards - let it fly flat." The elder twin moved behind his brother and guided Elurín's arms into the required position. "Do not rush; give it a good swing back."

The younger Peredhel nodded, concentrating. He swung his arm back, just as his brother had done, then flicked his hand forward and released. The pebble skipped twice on the water's surface this time. Pleased, he smiled, and felt an answering smile on his brother's lips, which had mysteriously pressed themselves against the back of his neck. "You learn quickly," Eluréd commented softly.

"I seem to have an incentive," Elurín replied with amusement. "What do I get if I make a pebble skip three times?"

"Oooh," Eluréd replied in a whisper. "You'd have to try it and see."

Elurín screwed up his face with concentration this time, gauging the angle and speed of the stone as he would an arrow about to be shot from his bow. A murmured prayer to Elbereth accompanied the projectile's release and, sure enough, the pebble skipped three times on the water. "Good," Eluréd complimented. "Did you see how, on the second skip, it jumped a rock as well? That is impressive."

"So?" Elurín asked. "My reward?"

A small smile graced Eluréd's usually serious face, a seldom-seen twinkle lighting the grey eyes, though it did not altogether eliminate the grief which dwelled in there too. Eluréd's hand cupped his brother's cheek, and soft lips pressed against his. Elurín did not think; he simply reacted, opening his mouth to allow his tongue to creep out, flickering against Eluréd's perfect lips.

Eluréd allowed it, but broke off quickly. "Surely you wish to know the reward for four skips?"

There was not a moment's hesitation as Elurín aimed the pebble this time; like his brother, he had natural talent for this. They counted the skips together, quickly, "One-two-three-four." And then Eluréd unlaced the collar of his brother's tunic, slipping his hands inside.

Elurín tensed and gasped, dropping the remaining pebbles on the ground. His fingers closed on handfuls of his twin's clothes, clutching tightly. He claimed another kiss.

"Five skips," Eluréd said calmly, pressing a pebble back into his brother's hand.

"Five skips," Elurín mumbled back, readying the stone. But it only skipped twice; he met his brother's eyes with disappointment, reaching out tentatively to touch the lips that had kissed his own.

"Never mind," Eluréd said encouragingly. "It happens sometimes; try again." Elurín did so, taking his time, choosing a moment when the light breeze dropped and the air was still and heavy.

His reward for the successful skim was two warm hands sliding under the waistband of his leggings, caressing his thighs before homing in on his groin, which was rapidly waking up at the attention. Leaning his head back against Eluréd's shoulder, he let his eyes fall closed, moaning soft, incoherent words of encouragement. Teeth caught on to his ear, pulling and nibbling in just the right way to make his breath catch noisily. "If this if what I get for five skips," he whispered, only barely able to form the words, "what could I expect for six?"

"Ambitious, aren't we?" Eluréd purred, clearly aware that he was in charge and, apparently, loving it. "Well, *if* you can manage six skips, I suppose we will find out." His hands were withdrawn, leaving Elurín feeling suddenly neglected and rather needy.

"I'll show you," Elurín swore through clenched teeth. His mind was far too focused on the exploding sensations in his lower body to care very much about skimming stones, but he forced it to address the task. Eluréd would otherwise quite happily tease him all afternoon.

"You'll never do it," the elder twin taunted.

"I will," Elurín answered firmly, hoping the stone was listening.

He examined it. It was acceptable, but not truly flat enough. He discarded it, searching for a better one. "Ah-ha," he declared as his fingers closed on the perfect pebble. Small, smooth; it was almost circular. Flat and light. Yes, this one would do.

He adjusted his position, swinging his arm back and forth to test how it would fly. This would be perfect. A shudder that spread up his spine as he moved and the fabric of his leggings rubbed on his still-present arousal confirmed that it *had* to be perfect. Taking a deep breath, at least in part to clear his head, he released the stone.

"Beautiful," Eluréd murmured as the stone skipped, not six, but seven times on the still water.

"Aye," the younger twin agreed. "Not just six, but seven skips."

"Nay," said Eluréd, "I meant you. The way your eyebrows go so thick and dark when you concentrate, and you bite your lip till it goes pink. 'Tis beautiful."

Elurín laughed. "My prize, then?"

"It will have to be a good prize," Eluréd declared, "to fit with your spectacular feat."

"Stone-skimming now counts as a 'spectacular feat'?" Elurín shook his head incredulously.

"Well…I still think a good prize is in order." Eluréd came round to kneel before his brother, unfastening the already loosened leggings. His tongue spent a little time teasing his brother's stomach and drawing wet spirals up the insides of Elurín's thighs; the younger twin moaned as his body remembered what he wanted and he sat down heavily on a (conveniently close) smooth rock.

Then Eluréd began the 'prize' in earnest. Elurín knew how skilled his brother's tongue was in creating sarcastic comebacks, but now he experienced its sweeter side. Eluréd, so like him, and yet so unlike him, instinctively knew how to drive his younger brother wild. He knew when to let his teeth scrape over hypersensitised skin, and when simply to be gentle, sucking and swirling, tracing loose circles with his tongue over the head of Elurín's erection.

Elurín let his head fall back, long hair tumbling down behind him so that the tips dipped into the lake; not that he cared at all. Eluréd's mouth was being far too distracting in the region of his crotch. He gripped the back of his brother's head, impulsively pushing it closer, making his brother swallow more of him. Eluréd obediently increased the stimulation, bringing in his hand at the base of Elurín's arousal.

The younger twin knew he wouldn't last much longer; he rocked his hips, his body trembling with need. Eluréd's tongue flickered over the slit, lightly; but it was just enough. As his brother came, Eluréd willingly swallowed every drop, scattering soft kisses across his brother's stomach before moving so that he could capture his brother's lips with his own.

Elurín returned the kiss with all the energy left in him as his hands crept downwards, cupping Eluréd's firm and quite delicious buttocks. "But, my dear, beloved brother, what about you?"

"What about me?" Eluréd replied. "Oh…" he moaned when Elurín's hand, which hand somehow undone his leggings, wrapped around him, grasping firmly and starting to move up and down in a slow, lazy rhythm. "That about me…"

Elurín smiled amusedly, kissing his brother again. Cheekily, he slid his tongue all the way up the side of Eluréd's neck, leaving a long, moist line and making Eluréd's grey eyes darken with excitement. His brother was already close, so he increased the speed of his hand, feeling Eluréd arch against him each him he moved. The elder twin emitted a low, shuddering moan as he spilt himself across his brother's fingers and let his head drop to rest tiredly on Elurín's shoulder.

"So, Eluréd," Elurín began playfully, "will you now, finally, admit that you got us lost?"

"My charming and sweet little brother," Eluréd sighed, "erm…surely, after all of that, you would understand that…um…my leading you here was *entirely deliberate*."

"Riiiight," Elurín agreed meekly, nodding in an exaggerated fashion. "So when will we get home?"