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Title: Sildainde dances
Author: Uli (
Beta: None
Rating: PG
Pairing: Sildainde/Varyamíro (OFC/OMC)
Disclaimer: The characters in this are ours, but the world they were born of came from Tolkien.
Author’s Note: Merry Christmas Enis dearie. It is short but it is something at least. Now for any other reading this, feel free... it is based on two original elves however so I doubt it makes much sense :)
Summary: Sildainde dancing under the stars...


Sildainde danced. Under the starlight in the rose gardens she danced as f nothing else mattered, only the movement and the music in her mind. Her eyes were closed and her long silver hair swayed against her back.

He was there tonight, watching her, guarding her.

She poured her joy of having him close into the dance. Faster and faster her bare feet moved over the grass. She knew she loved him, she had always known that just as she knew that he was not for her. He was for someone whole, someone normal, not a princess so broken that only the dance and painting kept her whole. She stumbled at the thought.

Varyamiro moved towards her, worried at her stumble until she backed away and started dancing again. He would never know, she decided, how deep her affection for him was. How much it hurt when he and the girl he was expected to marry visited her.

She stopped dancing again, to lost in her thoughts to concentrate as she walked over to the roses. Sometimes here she could close her eyes and remember that day when he had given her a rose. She liked remembering that day, it was easy to pretend that the affection in his eyes was love and not only fondness for a girl he seemed to have adopted as a little sister.

She carefully picked on of the roses and cradled it in her hands. They talked sometimes, about life and the future. He always insisted she would marry one day, she knew he was wrong. Her heart, as shattered as it was, belonged to one only and he had given his to another.

She breathed deeply, drawing in the scent of the rose. He was happy and that was what mattered. Who he was happy with did not.

He came over to her, holding his hand out. “It is getting late.”

She nodded as she placed her hand in his. She would not return here with him, she thought. She would put this away with her memories instead, same as the rose.