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Title: I wish
Author: Enismirdal
Pairing: Glorfindel/Elrohir
Rating: PG13 to be safe
Summary: Glorfindel remembers, and wishes.

A/N: An experiment into spontaneous writing – I picked up a pencil and wrote the first thing that came
into my head. This was unplanned, and I didn’t even find out the pairing until right at the end.
Blooming Elves! I am a little disturbed if this is really what my subconscious comes out with when
given free rein…

I took you into my arms and felt you shudder in delight beneath my touch. I saw the passion in your
eyes, grey eyes, grey as the stormy ocean, and I loved you. You were my world, my kingdom, my
everything, that for which I breathed and lived. When I woke each morning, you were my first vision,
my first thought; my nights were filled with smiling images of your face as you whispered of our future

I felt your body under mine, hot, strong and lithe, felt its raw power and loving tenderness. I wondered
how I had been so fortunate to have ended up with one such as you.

In my moments when I felt most alone, you would appear, silent and gentle, reassuring me by your
very presence that I was not abandoned, not forgotten.

I remember nights of wild abandon, laughter and smiles, wine flowing from glasses, sweet delicacies
passing from slender fingers to waiting lips, as we sang songs that would make most soldiers blush!

You were everything to me, so perfect; our love was so natural, so intense, so full of compassion and
respect and understanding.

Why did you never tell me? I am certain that you always knew. Did you hope somehow that by holding
your peace, the truth would fade into by a memory, a shade of imagination?

I wish it were otherwise, but the one thing you most needed from me was the one thing I could not

I could not give you your brother back; I could not breathe life back into the faint shade that he became
before he was finally lost to us.

Elladan made his choice, as did you. Would that you had known that his choice would be mortality,
death and final loss. Would that he had told you, rather than taking his choice in private, thinking that it
would be best for both of you if he were to allow you the immortality he thought that you wished for
most dearly.

I wish for so many things, my love, but I cannot make any of those wishes reality. I am left, here, now,
awaiting your choice, with neither right nor desire to try to sway you in either direction. If you choose
to go on, my heart will fill with joy, but if your choice is to let the grief take you, perhaps, to him once
again, then I promise that I shall remain with you until the end. I will cherish each moment I have with
you, and remind you always that you have my love, forever.