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Title: Clouds and Candelabras
Author: Enismirdal
Pairing: Glorfindel/Erestor
Rating: PG with a teeny bit of innuendo
Summary: Flufflety goodness with lots of vitamins, guaranteed free from artificial colours, flavourings,
preservatives and plot.
Disclaimer: They’re Tolkien’s Elves cos he invented them. Love them lots and promise to take good
care of them. No insult intended, no profit made.
A/N: A birthday present to darling Inja.


The unusual warmth of the autumn day had taken them all by surprise. For a while, at least, the
persistent rain and glowering clouds had stepped politely aside to allow a pale sun to shine upon
Imladris. Now, she looked once more at the valley, and began to contemplate dropping below the
horizon again for the night.

A little way off from the Last Homely House, two figures lay on grass that, although no longer so lush
or green as before, was still comfortably springy. Two sets of horses’ tack were neatly arranged beside
them whilst the animals themselves, courteous enough not to wander far, enjoyed what would perhaps
be the last chance to graze properly that year.

Glorfindel was dozing; thankfully, the working day was now over, but by the Valar, it had taken long
enough. Contradictory sentry reports, botched patrol schedules…he’d spent all day running around
trying to fix other people’s incompetence. Of course, that was what Erestor seemed to do most of the
time, every day…

The Elf beside him had a sheet of linen draped across his lap, on which were several neatly-arranged
posies of herbs and, beside them, a mixed-up ball of those that had not yet been organised. Elrond’s
stocks were running low and Erestor, having intended to ride out anyway, had offered to pick more.

Glorfindel picked up one of the small bundles and inhaled deeply, smiling at the rich savoury scent.
“Would you care to assist?” Erestor asked, though not unkindly.

“Would I be any help? I’d probably get them all confused and you’d be no better off than you are

Erestor shrugged slightly. “You may be right…”

Glorfindel sat up. “You’re not supposed to say that! You’re supposed to say, ‘I would love the pleasure
of your company and your kind assistance, and I’m sure you would do a perfectly good job’!”

“Very well then, I would love the pleasure of your company and…”

Glorfindel smiled and shook his head, pressing a finger over Erestor’s lips. “Oh, meleth, why don’t you
leave the herbs for a bit and come and sit with me now?” The advisor looked taken aback, but then
nodded acquiescence and rolled up the sheet, moving to lean against Glorfindel’s side. His lover
responded by curling an arm around Erestor’s slim shoulders.

They relaxed like that, enjoying the feeling of closeness for some time, before Erestor began to
chuckle. Glorfindel turned to him, looking slightly baffled. “What is it?”

Erestor pointed at the sky. “That cloud there…it looks like you.” He started giggling again.

“Does not!”

“It really does!”

“It looks like an Orc that’s been hit in the face by a saucepan!” Glorfindel insisted. “And no, do not say
that *I* look like an Orc that’s been hit in the face by a saucepan!”

“Of course not, *meleth*, I’d be far too tactful to say such a thing.”

Glorfindel pouted and pointed at a different cloud. “However, that one, I must say, looks like
*something* of yours…”

“Mine is longer than that.”

Glorfindel tilted his head and thought about it. “Maybe you’re right.”

“I know I’m right.” Erestor smiled, a little smugly. “That candelabra was a present from my parents;
I’ve had it for millennia!”

“Candelabra?” Glorfindel repeated incredulously.

Erestor poked him. “That was what you meant?”

Glorfindel opened his mouth, then shut it again and nodded vigorously. “Yes, Erestor, of course.” A
devious grin crossed his features. “I’m rather fond of that candelabra, to tell the truth. I’d like it if
you’d be able to get it out to show me sometime, perhaps.”

The other Elf raised an eyebrow. “I suppose I may be able to do that. I could get it out as soon as we
return, if you wanted?”

“That might be nice,” Glorfindel replied. “But what about now?” He met Erestor’s eyes, wearing a
mildly predatory expression.

“I didn’t pack…GLORFINDEL, you didn’t mean *that* candelabra, did you?”

Glorfindel simply replied with an oh-so-innocent look, and dropped a kiss on to Erestor’s nose.