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Title: The Stalker
Author: Enismirdal enismirdal
Pairing: Glorfindel/Erestor
Rating: NC-17
Warning: PWP
Disclaimer: All the Elves are Tolkien's; I mean no disrespect and naturally am making not a penny of profit!
Summary: Erestor is worried and looks for help.
Beta: Girly girlofthemirror - thank you dear!
A/N 1: A birthday present for the most gorgeous Lord Anand
A/N 2: Melpomaen. Yes. Melpomaen. Quite deliberately. ;)

Lord Glorfindel was innocently walking down a corridor in Imladris when he was abruptly grabbed by the arm and dragged into one of the rooms opening off it. "What the…?" he began, warriors instincts kicking in straight away. In a heartbeat, he's pulled a knife from his sleeve and was pointing it at whoever had grabbed him before he had even identified who it was.

"For Manwë's sake, Glorfindel, put the knife down," hissed Erestor, poking his old friend in the ribs with one long finger. "It's only me!"

"Then why did you just drag me in here?" Glorfindel put the knife away, raising an eyebrow at the strange little advisor.

"Well…" Erestor started rather hesitantly. "Um…it's rather embarrassing…and a bit worrying…but…"

"But what?" Glorfindel prompted, looking down at the other Elf.

"But I think I'm being stalked," Erestor blurted.

Glorfindel made a choking sound, of laughter cut off by disbelief. "Stalked? Who by? And why?"

Erestor's eyes flicked from one side to the other, nervously scanning the room as if he expected spies to be hiding in every shadow. "Can we go back to my room?…I feel safer there."


Five minutes later, the two Elves were sitting on the edge of Erestor's bed, and the advisor was blushing and staring at his knees. "I think…" he admitted finally, in a whisper so soft Glorfindel had to lean close to catch it. "I think Melpomaen is stalking me."

"Why?" Glorfindel whispered once more.

"Why?" Erestor replied. "Why what? Why do I think so? Because I see him all the time. Because I find things of his in my study. Because I am forever seeing movement in the shadows in the corners of rooms. Why is he stalking me? I have no idea."

"You muse have some idea," Glorfindel pressed, only to be quietened by a 'Shhhhh' from Erestor. "Have you upset him in any way?" he continued in a low voice.

"No," Erestor answered. "I do not work with him. I barely know him."

"Well, there must surely be some reason," Glorfindel argued.

"You think I don't know that?" Erestor replied, meeting Glorfindel's eyes. A hint of irritation crept into his soft voice. "It's just so…annoying. And it scares me."

"Has he done something to harm you, Erestor?" Glorfindel laid a hand on Erestor's shoulder in concern.

Erestor shrugged off the hand angrily. "No!" He glared at Glorfindel defensively. "He has done nothing apart from follow me everywhere. I feel as if nothing is private any more…!" Ad he spoke, he fidgeted uncomfortably, as if his heavy robes were itching him.

And then Glorfindel heard the snort that originated in the far corner of the room. Glancing sideways, he noticed that a curtain there was twitching, and not in time with the light breeze that came in through the open balcony window. He looked at Erestor, whose face was dark with frustration and anger, considered his own face, wearing a patient, tolerant expression…and realised that right now, they probably looked as if they were having a lovers' quarrel! They had been speaking too softly for a stalker in that corner to catch the words, so it was likely that he had formed the wrong idea entirely, hence his vocal reaction of surprise at the increasingly heated exchange.

"Erestor," Glorfindel muttered, leaning closer and turning slightly away from the curtain. "I think we have company." His eyes darted back to the curtain. Erestor followed the gaze and bit back an exclamation.

"Now what do we do?" he replied, shuffling closer to Glorfindel for more privacy. Glorfindel caught the soft rustle of the curtain as Erestor moved nearer and, apparently, so did the advisor.

"I think, Erestor," Glorfindel said, "that I might have an idea as to *why* you are being stalked."

"Oh?" Erestor looked wary.

"I think our friend Melpomaen likes you."

Erestor gasped, somewhat incredulously. "Don't be ridiculous."

"I'm not. He's following you because he desires you."


Glorfindel kissed Erestor teasingly on the nose, leaving the advisor staring at him aghast, but drawing another rustle from the curtain. "Who wouldn't?" He dropped his voice lower still. "Now, I would suggest that Melpomaen might need a little…persuasion…before he will accept that you do not reciprocate his interest." At Erestor's confused expression, he continued, "He needs to know that you are not up for claiming."

"Technically, I am," Erestor murmured.

"Does he need to know that?" Glorfindel asked. "Kiss me." Erestor hesitated. "Kiss me," he repeated more firmly.

Erestor shook his head, but after a pause, did so. Glorfindel returned the kiss with possibly more zeal than was strictly warranted, grasping handfuls of thick, black hair, plundering Erestor's mouth with his hot tongue. To his surprise, after a moment Erestor deepened the kiss of his own volition, moaning contentedly into Glorfindel's mouth.

A startled gasp came from behind the curtain and Glorfindel smiled. This would show Melpomaen. His hands moved down Erestor's sides, kneading the delightfully firm bottom, wrestling with fastenings on the dark robes. "Wha…?" the advisor demanded in between kisses.

"It'll prove the point," Glorfindel assured him. "Are you all right to continue?" Erestor stopped for a moment, uncertainty and arousal warring on his delicate face. Then he pulled Glorfindel back towards him and pressed their lips together once more.

Glorfindel clawed the clothes from Erestor's small body, bestowing caresses wherever he could, which drew little squeaks and purrs of pleasure from the advisor. Erestor clumsily attempted to remove Glorfindel's own garments, but fumbled rather hopelessly; in the end, Glorfindel had to assist. Eventually, however, they had both successfully attained a naked state and proceeded to commence a thorough exploration of each other's bodies.

Glorfindel took Erestor's ear between his lips, sucking and nibbling hungrily, running his tongue up and down the edge. He chuckled, seeing Erestor's eyes close to mask the desire in their depths.

The advisor let his fingers trace lines up Glorfindel's chest, brushing a fingertip over one nipple; the stimulation sent the seneschal hard in a matter of moments. "This *will* show him," Glorfindel murmured as his hand began to slide down the cleft between the advisor's buttocks. Erestor arced up against him, teeth latching on to his collarbone and sucking hard enough to mark the skin.

"Yes," he agreed, wrapping his legs round Glorfindel's waist. "Yes!"

"Steady," Glorfindel said lightly. "Let's take this steadily, shall we?" Erestor groaned and rolled over so he was lying on top of Glorfindel, but seemed to have forgotten they were right on the edge of the bed and successfully rolled them both on to the floor in the process. They landed, fortunately, on a thick rug beside the bed, but the thump was still quite startling. An amazed curse came from the direction of the curtain and Glorfindel had to swallow his laughter at the show they were putting on.

He sat up slowly, raising Erestor with him and guiding the advisor into a semi-kneeling position with his upper body leaning over the mattress. He stroked the dark hair, admiring its attractive sheen as, with his other hand, he opened the drawer of Erestor's nightstand. Finding nothing but silk handkerchiefs and a pair of tweezers, he addressed the advisor. "Where do you keep the oil?"

"Oil?" Erestor replied, in a tone that suggested Glorfindel was missing something obvious.


"Glorfindel, I haven't had a lover in here in four hundred and twenty-two years! Why would I bother to keep oil *there*!"

Glorfindel swore rather explicitly. "Do you have any elsewhere? No? Then what *do* you have?"

"Um…soap? Moisturiser? Clotted cream?"

"Clotted cream?"

"I had dinner in my rooms!" Glorfindel glanced over at the remains of the meal, on a nearby table, and there was, indeed, a large bowl of clotted cream. Shrugging, he dipped three fingers into the bowl and spread the substance over his hands.

He returned to Erestor, to be grabbed for the second time that day, and this time he was yanked downwards and kissed rather thoroughly. Snickering, Erestor teased the seneschal's nipples once again with fingers and lips, leaving Glorfindel both foggy-minded and rock hard. "Get on with it," Erestor ordered then, returning to his prior position.

Glorfindel lowered his head so he could flick his tongue over the back of Erestor's neck, smiling at the salty-tasting skin under his lips. At the same time, he slid one finger into Erestor's waiting entrance, gradually adding another, then the tip of his thumb, and a third finger, stretching and preparing the deliciously tight opening with probably even more care than was needed. Clotted cream wasn't so bad for this…

"Relax for me, gorgeous," he purred, slicking himself thoroughly and positioning himself carefully. He pushed inside in one slow, continuous movement, grinning when Erestor's response was to throw his head back, groaning his ecstasy.

"Mmm!" he encouraged. "More!" He arched his back as Glorfindel began to move; the seneschal answered with moans of his own, feeling muscles pushing against him in powerful, velvety waves. Erestor pushed back against him each time he thrust, fingers clutching at the sheets.

Their breathing synchronised with the rhythm Glorfindel set, quickening as they got closer and closer to completion. Glorfindel grasped Erestor's hips, plunging deep, spilling himself into the close, hot darkness. Erestor, rocking his hips against the bed, clenched his muscles round Glorfindel as he, too, came, crying out, before they both collapsed bonelessly forward, breathing heavily from the exertion.

"Sweet...Mandos..." Erestor sighed as Glorfindel withdrew. "These sheets are going to need changing."

"Aye," Glorfindel agreed, laughing. "Ever the practical one, aren't you?" He pulled out one corner of the immaculately-laid bedding and used it to clean them both off. They crawled into the centre of the spacious mattress and flopped there, lazily exchanging kisses. "Melpomaen?" Glorfindel called after several gloriously long, idle moments. "You're not having him, you understand?"

"Nope," Erestor agreed. "I'm all…Glorfindel's." He wound a few golden hairs around his finger and tugged playfully. "If that's all right with you?"

Glorfindel made a point of seeming to ponder this gravely, until Erestor was starting to look disconcerted. "Hmm..well…actually, darling, that's absolutely fine by me."