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Slash fiction

A Falcon for the Nightingale

MEFAwards 2005

3rd place in Silmarillion: First Age category of 2005 MEFAs!

Rating: PG13
Pairing: Daeron/Maglor, implied Daeron/Lúthien. Implied!
Warnings: implied het (implied!)
Summary: What became of the two greatest Elven minstrels of all time?
Notes: This fic apparently got nominated in the Best Slash category for the Flame of Anor Awards. But it didn't get through the first round of judging, alas and alack! Plot bunny hit me while I was brushing my teeth, of all times! That was a bad day for plot bunnies. They were hounding me, I swear!

All I Have Left
Chapter 1   Chapter 2   Chapter 3   Chapter 4   Chapter 5   Chapter 6   Chapter 7
Chapter 8   Chapter 9   Chapter 10   Chapter 11   Chapter 12
Rating: R
Pairing: Eluréd/Elurín
Warnings: Twincest
Summary: undecided
Notes: WIP
A suggestion from Naath. This isn’t squicky kiddy-stuff, honest!

Blood, Sweat and Tears
Rating: NC17
Pairing: Glorfindel/Maedhros
Warnings: Angst, sweaty grunting!
Summary: In the Nirnaeth Arnoediad, everyone lost someone they loved. Yet amongst the blood and carnage of war, two grieving souls find some comfort.
Notes: A challenge fic; couldn’t resist the pairing!

Elf One
Rating: PG13 so far
Pairing: Erestor/Elf 1
Warnings: None so far
Summary: Erestor is a cool, efficient professional. However, his latest assignments seem to be turning out more complicated than planned.
A/N: Inspired by 'Elf 1' from the BBC Audio Adaptation of The Lord of the Rings. This is meant to be pretty light-hearted, low on the angst.

I Wish
Rating: PG13 to be safe
Pairing: Glorfindel/Elrohir
Warnings: Angst
Summary: Glorfindel wishes.
Notes: Random angstlet; an excercise in spontaneous writing. This is pure, straight from my subconscious.

The Fey and the Fallen
Chapter 1   Chapter 2   Chapter 3   Chapter 4
Rating: PG
Pairing: Maglor/Maedhros
Warning: Incest. Obviously!
Summary: Love can find all Elves - even the strange ones.
Notes: Fondly named 'Loopy!Maglor' when I discuss it with friends... Please note that this fic has been fully beta'd by one beta reader, but only chapter 1 has been beta'd by the second beta reader. Chapters 2-4 will be updated with fully edited versions as they are available!

This Hope
Rating: PG
Pairing: Glorfindel/Erestor
Warnings: None
Summary: Sequel to This Silence by Ezra's Persian Kitty (with permission). It's been 2 years since Caranband and little has changed. But when Glorfindel starts experiencing violent flashbacks of his distant past, it is Erestor's turn to be the strong one.
Notes: This is a permitted sequel to my favourite fic ever.

This is Fate
Rating: G
Pairing: ?/?
Warning: This is miserable and depressive...and did I say miserable?
Summary: To lose the one you love�
Another angstlet, written when I was upset.


MEFA awarded authors/fics - congrats to all of them! MEFAwards 2004

Chapters 1-4   Chapters 5-8
Rating: PG13
Pairings: Faelon/Rúmil, Glorfindel/Erestor
Warnings: None – just a lot of fluff and some orc-bashing
Summary: Rúmil is in love with Faelon. Faelon thinks he’s too good for Rúmil. Erestor decided to get involved.
Notes: This is one which was written straight from the heart. I picked Faelon cos I wanted someone a bit different who I could write with no preexisting typecasting or preconceptions.

Rating: PG
Pairing: Lindir/Rúmil
Warning: Angst
Summary: Scents can evoke the most vivid of memories.

Washed Up
Rating: PG
Pairing: Glorfindel/Ecthelion
Warnings: None
Summary: The latest thing to wash up on the shores of Valinor is curiously familiar.
Notes: A random, fun piece of silliness. Not properly beta'd.

Rating: G
Pairing: Daeron/Maglor
Summary: Daeron and Maglor are called by a song more ancient even than them.
Notes: This is what happens when I watch Planet Earth on DVD. Double-drabble.

Het and gen fiction

A Linguistic Misadventure
Rating: G
Pairing: None
Summary: Shortly after delivering the Fellowship to Lórien, Haldir sits down with a vocabulary book...and makes a rather embarrassing realisation. Meta-drabble (500 words).

By the Waters of Uinen
Rating: R
Pairing: Maedhros/Meleth (Canon FC)
Warning: Het! Yep, male Elf and female Elf getting it on!
Summary: The aftermath of the attack on the Elves of Sirion, and what happened when Maedhros sought healing for his brother.

Return to Me
Rating: PG
Pairing: Rúmil of Tirion/OFC
Warnings: Het!
Summary: A birthday ficlet for Tux [begun in 2005, completed for her birthday in 2006]. A long-anticipated return.

Gift fics

With close friends, I try to chuck out a ficlet as a birthday pressie if possible. They tend to be short, silly and fluffy, although some PWPs may be coming up later.

Rating: PG
Pairing: Glorfindel/Erestor
Warnings: Fluff
Summary: A flufflet for Uli's birthday [2004]. Glorfindel has a suggestion.

Clouds and Candelabras
Rating: PG with a teeny bit of innuendo
Pairing: Glorfindel/Erestor
Warnings: Fluff!
Summary: A birthday present for Inja. Flufflety goodness with lots of vitamins, guaranteed free from artificial colours, flavourings, preservatives and plot.

The Stalker
Rating: NC17
Pairing: Glorfindel/Erestor
Warnings: PWP
Summary: A birthday present for the lovely Andi. Erestor is worried and looks for help.
A/N: I was quite deliberate in using Melpomaen. It's a nice name, and since that is how people picture Figwit, it seems irrelevant that it is a mistranslation. So I'm sticking to Melpomaen.

The Seventh Skip
Rating: NC17
Pairing: Eluréd/Elurín
Warnings: A fluffy almost-PWP. Oh, and also twincest.
Summary: A birthday present for my most beloved Anu. The twins discover a new part of Doriath.
A/N: Hammered out rather quickly owing to time constraints. And they will always be twins to me ;)

Harp and Wave Fluffy Silliness (no, I am not thinking of a better title than that!)
Rating: PG
Pairing: Lindir/Círdan
Warnings: Candyfloss sweet
Summary: A present to cheer Tux up just before Valentine's Day. Círdan has a little present for Lindir.

Haven't chosen a title yet!
Rating: PG
Pairing: Fëanor/Glorfindel
Warnings: Unbeta'd and probably riddled with mistakes. WIP.
Summary: A birthday present for Talullah which rapidly got out of control and is really no longer a ficlet at all... A chance meeting leads to a memorable afternoon for Glorfindel.

Shades of Memory
Rating: PG
Pairing: Maedhros/Fingon
Warnings: Angst and dooooom. (Also unbeta'd, but readable)
Summary: A birthday angstlet for Uli [2005]. In the end, death was all that remained.

Untitled and/or incomplete fics (that I do intend to finish):

Sanctuary of Sin
Rating: NC17
Pairing: Artaher (OMC)/Maglor
Warning: BDSM, AU
Summary: When you cannot have the one your heart desires, sometimes the only other choice is to seek solace in the arms of another.
Notes: I blame Uli. They are her Elves.

RPGs and cowriting

Ford_of_Bruinen and I are always talking on IM, and in the past the conversation frequently mutated into Glorfindel/Erestor RPG. Now, years down the line, it has gone happily out of control, into a dark world of First Age Elves, insane Men and much angst - a monster of an RP if ever there was one. We've toyed on and off with writing some of the conversatiosn into fics, but since we now have a cast of around 40 regular characters and an endlessly convoluted and dark backstory, it would probably keep us both busy until retirement age - and the story still continues!

So far, therefore, no fics have been produced from the RP as it was played out. However, a number of spinoffs, not played out but in various degrees of continuity with the game plot, have appeared at one point or another. For Ford_of_Bruinen's stories, I'd suggest e-mailing her or checking her website. I have several at present: the unfinished Interlude, and the completed ficlets Feather Boa and Under a Red Sky. However, the RP inspires so many of my muses that little flickers of the game can show through in most of my fiction!

Feather Boa
Rating: PG13 to be safe
Pairing: Rávo/Brannon implied, Rávo/OMC a bit.
Warnings: None, really. Drunken Elves!
Summary: The morning after the night before.
This is 100% the fault of Tuxedo Elf.

Chapter 1   Chapter 2   Chapter 3   Chapter 4
Rating: PG
Warnings: Vaguely implied incest maybe perhaps distantly, vaguely implied het.
Summary: This is the story of what happened to Elurín after he flipped and walked out. It's designed to make a kind of vague sense when taken out of context of the RP, but many of the references will make no sense whatsoever!

Under a Red Sky
Rating: R
Pairing: ?/? (technically Carnevaitë/Poiconáro implied, but it's written so the reader can imagine their preferred pairing)
Warnings: Solo (wank-fic)
Summary: A red sky dawns on an Elf alone.

Unfinished fics that are looking likely to remain that way

These are not fics I dislike. They simply do not feel to me like the best work I can produce so I do not intend to devote much, if any, time to finishing them. At some point I might tidy up some snippets and post them here, sort of to show what was in my head. The truth is, the plotlines are unremarkable and the characterisations not especially original, so I thought my efforts would be better spent elsewhere.

Title: probably The Noblest Sacrifice
Rating: probably R or NC17
Pairing: Ecthelion/Erestor
Warnings: Probably just a little bit AU.
Summary: Ecthelion of Gondolin returns to Middle Earth. Erestor seems less than thrilled with this.
This one is well underway.
NEWSFLASH! 15/07/2006 Tux has nagged me to continue rewriting this fic and cutting out the clichés, tidying it up enough to make it a worthwhile fic. So it may get finished!!

Rating: R
Pairing: Glorfindel/?
Summary: Glorfindel finds that the Kingdom of Mirkwood is a very intriguing place indeed.
I keep adding to this one, but I'm forever changing my mind about the premise and the main pairing and allsorts!

Rating: R so far, will become NC17
Pairing: Elrond/Gil-galad, Elrond/Glorfindel, Elrond/Gil-galad/Glorfindel,
Warnings: Threesome! Rather AU.
Summary: Yet another version of how Glorfindel of Gondolin was reborn and became Glorfindel of Imladris.
Notes: WIP
Can’t remember which muse started me on this one. I think it started with the idea of the threesome, which typically is the main bit left unwritten. Nearly done, but Glorfindel isn't cooperating.
Recently received a request for this to be finished. It needs a LOT of work, but I am considering it. If it does get rewritten it is likely to contain a good pinch of D/s naughtiness.

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