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First, of course, the other fantastic writers who live here!


Ford of Bruinen - Ford of Bruinen Fanfiction Archive
Keiliss - Braided Light
Red Lasbelin - Red's Playpen

Silly Elves

Finarfin - my EU Elf
Rávo - my beloved brat of an original Elf
Carnevaitë - UNDER CONSTRUCTION. My silly angsty original Elf

Also within this site

HTML lessons for the intimidated.
An attempt to discuss menstrual cups objectively.

Here are some other wonderful places which are really great to visit:

Library of Moria - huge archive, something for everyone!
LOTRff.com - this site is growing rapidly. Although not really my favourite kind of fics, it's a site where the authors upload their own stuff, so it's kept up to date and reviewing is simple.
Melethryn Archive - Elf pairings only!
Of Elves and Men - very smart archive, not huge but the stuff is at least mediocre, and often excellent. And only Elves and Men *grins*
Fanfiction.net - a lot of fics here, but be picky; being a big site, the authors are of variable quality.
Adultfanfiction.net - R and NC-17 rated fics, for all who like naughtiness.
Erandir's new archive - mainly Legolas/Aragorn at present, and quite small, but this is a new site, so it'll be fun to watch it fill up.

Filat - gorgeous Silmarillion art
The Gwyllion - her Elves are beautiful, and she is a sweetheart as well!
Jenny Dolfen (aka Goldseven) - breathtaking Elves
Nellas of Doriath (now drawing primarily as Eve Le Dez) - damn, I wish I could draw like that!
Sarah Louise Mitchell at Wolfglade - her studio does not list her Silmarillion fanart, but that is very nice too!
The Theban Band - the most breathtaking photomanips I've ever seen

The One Ring
Cassie Claire’s Very Secret Diaries (she also writes great HP slash)
Uruviel’s Argonath Elves
Elf on a Shelf

Authors’ sites - I love these guys! *hugs them all lots*
Aleks Rothis – From the Ashes
Alex – Alex's Story Book
Aduial – Edhil o Aduial
Azzy – Forgotten Juliet
Erestor (and friends!) – Elf on a Shelf
Esteliel – Loes Valthen
Finch – A Medieval Quadrant
Larian's Fiction
Mirasaui – Celendine
Rei – The Dwarrowdelf
Tuxedo Elf – Rúmil's Talan


Spirit of Fire (Feanor)Russandol (Maedhros)
Harper (Maglor)SilmficBagoas (The Persian Boy)More than words... (Panthera)
Forsaken (Calanthe)He who would be God (Raistlin)An Engima wrapped up in a Riddle (Thirteen)
Judicious (Erestor)Ratpack (The Magic Rat)
Unsung Hero (Glorfindel)


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