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Greetings, who- and whatever you are; welcome to my lair. I promise not to frazzle you to a crisp as long as you behave and bring me gifts of coffee and chocolate... OK, I just won't frazzle you to a crisp. Promise.

This is the hoard of pretty much all my writing from the last several years, from fluffy Glorfindel and Erestor to angsty Silmfic. At some point some original may even join it! Browse as you wish. But please take note of ratings and warnings before you find yourself in the middle of something that's too hot to handle!

Latest news

Added chapter 10 of AIHL. Only three full chapters and the epilogue to go!
Recent updates: I've made the fanfiction page a bit more user-friendly and easy to navigate. Also noticed the "About Me" page was waaay out of date, so that's updated. Also added the first chapter of The Fey and the Fallen. Will add that on LJ as well very soon!

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